The Wedding

The Events


Friday, May 25th  •  6:30 pm  •  Patel Residence

Mehndi night is a pre-wedding ritual, during which the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with a decorative design created from henna. Mehndi symbolizes the strength of the union between the soon-to-be-married couple, and it is believed that the deeper the color of a bride’s mehndi, the happier and more prosperous her marriage will be. Mehndi night is similar to a bridal shower, and family members and bridesmaids celebrate the bride-to-be and also have their hands decorated with henna.

Attire: Indian attire (salwar kameez, sarees, lehengas) or casual attire



Saturday, May 26th  •  7:00 pm  •  Regency Ballroom

Garba-Raas is a traditional form of Indian dance that is popular amongst Gujaratis. Many Indian weddings have a “Sangeet” or “Garba Night” before the wedding day where the families and guests come together to dance, eat, and mingle. There will be performances followed by Garba, a typical folk dance with circular, rhythmic steps, and Raas, a dance involving festive sticks called dandiya. The steps are easy to learn, and it’s fun to watch even if you’re not the dancing type.

Attire: Indian attire (ghagra or chaniya choli, lehengas, kurtas) or business casual (colorful dresses or skirts, slacks, button down shirts)



Sunday, May 27th  •  10:00 am  •  Reston Town Center

The groom climbs atop a horse and rides to the wedding venue, led by a procession of his family and friends. The bride’s family joins in the music and dancing to celebrate his arrival.



Sunday, May 27th  •  11:00 am  •  Grand Ballroom

The wedding ceremony rituals take place under the mandap, a canopy supported on four pillars. The ceremony depicts a story of the bride and groom meeting at the wedding mandap, the bride’s parents giving her away to a worthy man, the couple committing to each other by taking seven vows, each represented by walking around the sacred fire, and the friends and family blessing the newly wedded couple.

Lunch to follow.

Attire: Indian attire (sarees, kurtas) or formal attire (dresses, suits)



Sunday, May 27th  •  6:00 pm  •  Grand Ballroom

Celebrating the newly wedded couple. Cocktail hour will be followed by a formal program, dinner, and dancing.

Attire: Indian attire or formal attire (cocktail dresses, gowns, suits). Guests may choose to change from their ceremony attire, but this is not necessary.